Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Nu Shooz

One day in middle school, I tried on a pair of White Reebok Club C EE Wide Size 11.5 tennis shoes, and fell in love. Nike's, about the only other reasonably-priced brand available in the mid 1980s, were way too narrow. The shoe fit, so I wore it. Every Spring for the next 25 years I went to the same Shoe Department in the same mall (well, different malls in 1991, 1995 & 1997 when I moved out of town) to purchase the same pair of shoes again.

Having a bit of OCD, purchasing and wearing the same shoe, year after year, is, well... calming. In Fall 2011, Kristi suggested that I try a different kind of shoe. Indeed, this was part of my "look" that I hadn't changed since I got divorced. At first I was resistant to the change, but eventually I gave in to this nice pair of blue Adidas...

More recently, it was time for a trip to the shoe store again, and I managed to find a different (that's right, I said different) pair of shoes:

"It's a jungle out there." -- Adrian Monk ("Monk")