Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Nu Shooz

One day in middle school, I tried on a pair of White Reebok Club C EE Wide Size 11.5 tennis shoes, and fell in love. Nike's, about the only other reasonably-priced brand available in the mid 1980s, were way too narrow. The shoe fit, so I wore it. Every Spring for the next 25 years I went to the same Shoe Department in the same mall (well, different malls in 1991, 1995 & 1997 when I moved out of town) to purchase the same pair of shoes again.

Having a bit of OCD, purchasing and wearing the same shoe, year after year, is, well... calming. In Fall 2011, Kristi suggested that I try a different kind of shoe. Indeed, this was part of my "look" that I hadn't changed since I got divorced. At first I was resistant to the change, but eventually I gave in to this nice pair of blue Adidas...

More recently, it was time for a trip to the shoe store again, and I managed to find a different (that's right, I said different) pair of shoes:

"It's a jungle out there." -- Adrian Monk ("Monk")

Friday, April 27, 2012

The Date Has Been Set

So, it's official. I proposed to Kristi today, at the Mount Nittany Inn, where we had our first date one year ago. This Spring is a little greener; we're a little older (I'm a little fatter, she's a little thinner).

And now... there's a wedding to plan. We're going to try to keep it "smallish" and definitely make it unique.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

75 Miles; 272 Minutes

Killing time while Kristi gets ready (beauty takes time, I have come to learn) I'd like to wax poetic about an important date (and all the better, because despite our promises to keep the blog updated, I haven't been waxing anything lately).

This week is the one-year anniversary of when Kristi visited me in State College -- the day we "met" was April 9th, although we had been getting to know each other over the Internet and phone since Feb. 23, 2011. In fact, in the first week that we talked on the phone, we racked up 272 minutes and 515 texts; I had to change both my phone plans.

Ironically, we would have never found each other if not for the 75-mile radius. On PlentyOfFish.com, you set a radius around your home where you want to look for potential dates. It was winter and it didn't seem logical to get in a long-distance relationship, I figured. I hadn't had much luck with local women, and on advice of a friend (who said he would easily drive 2 hours for a date), I expanded that radius from 50 to 75 miles. It turns out, this was just far enough to include York in the search.

I didn't show up in her search results on the website (which is ironic considering we were such peas in a pod, amongst the drooling Neanderthal masses, we would later surmise) but she showed up in mine. I knew as soon as I saw her picture that she was a different kind of girl than I had experienced before -- a higher level of woman, if you will.

At the one-year mark, I'm happy to report that we're still very in love and enjoying being with each other every day. Kristi and her daughter have lived with me since November 1, 2011 and we are all enjoying the companionship. The way that Kristi makes me feel, and the things that we have in common, make life so fun -- every weekend is like a "vacation," even if we don't go anywhere.

On Sunday, we will tour and take photographs of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, a short drive away, something we had been wanting to do for nearly a year now. Next weekend we will return to the Mount Nittany Inn for lunch, like we did on April 10th, 2011, which was the day we changed our relationship status on Facebook, and therefore we treat as our anniversary date.

(The photo below was taken last year at the Inn)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Life and Times of Starlight, My Longest Companion

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Friday, February 10, 2012

The Benefits of Knowing Jesse

The other day, a Pennsylvania couple found a purple squirrel. Accuweather.com broke the story, and my Jesse created a Facebook page and Twitter account for said squirrel.
We spent the next few days promoting Purple Squirrel and posting comments on "his" page. Today one of my posts, which Jesse retweeted, made it onto a local news report in Philadelphia. Here is that report! Watch for me!